The perception of neurodiverse people, the difficulties associated with diagnosis, and the daily obstacles they face create significant social needs. We address the topic of neurodiversity to reduce the exclusion of neurodiverse individuals in different aspects of life - because every mind is beautiful!
During the conference, we will initiate a broad public discussion on neurodiversity, present best practices from abroad, delve into the latest scientific study results, and discuss the impact of neurodiversity on the lives of those with this diagnosis. We will explore issues related to:
  • health: the challenges of diagnosis, treatment and support for neurodiverse individuals;
  • education: raising awareness in society about different ways of functioning and showcasing the potential of neurodiverse minds;
  • the labour market: recognising and harnessing the talents and potential of neurodiverse employees.
We aim for conference participants to leave with ideas and tools for self-help, support for families and caregivers, and improvements in the school and labour market environments. These changes will ultimately lead to greater openness and social inclusion.

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